Miniature Emcee Chris Miles Spotted in Rocksmith's Explicit Snapback

If you haven't heard of rapper Chris Miles, you should probably stop whatever you're doing and watch the video below. At only thirteen (!!!) this kid has some real flow. Not to mention excellent taste in fashion-- Chris sports a couple of our Rocksmith Explicit Snapbacks in his video for "Good Life." The Long Island native has been rapping since he was 9, dealing with elementary school bullies by writing music. He gained some notoriety after his "America's Got Talent" audition tape went viral, and was subsequently signed to T3 Management. His debut mixtape, I Am Me, dropped last year, and his new mixtape, Growing Pains, is due out May 10th.

Check out the video below. Obviously Chris has MILES left in his career. See what I did there?

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